Bridgestone still intends to quit F1 in 2010

Mon, 22 March 2010, 02:01

Mar.22 (GMM) Bridgestone is not reconsidering its decision to pull out of formula one at the end of 2010.

We reported earlier this month that both Bernie Ecclestone and FIA president Jean Todt, supported by many of the leading teams, were pushing the Japanese company to stay.

Its three year contract as the sport’s sole tyre supplier runs out at the end of 2010, and despite new suppliers needing significant lead-time to prepare a project, the FIA has not yet instigated a new tender process.

“We could certainly find a replacement,” said F1 chief executive Ecclestone, “but I hope that they will rethink their decision. We are working on it.”

And Todt speculated that Bridgestone decided to quit because F1 is not seen to regard “sustainability, environment and climate change”.

“So, will they change their mind in light of what we are trying to implement? I don’t know,” said the Frenchman.

Upon request on Monday, a spokeswoman for UK-based Bridgestone Motorsport provided the answer.

“I can confirm that our position has not changed,” she said, when also confronted with suggestions that Bridgestone might stay if costs are offset by teams paying for their tyres.

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