Bridgestone to mark wet tyres in 2008

Fri, 7 March 2008, 02:34

Bridgestone in 2008 will mark its extreme wet compounds with a white line in the bottom of the middle groove, the official F1 tyre supplier announced on Friday.

Throughout last season, at the behest of the FIA, the Japanese marque marked the softer of the two dry-weather compounds on offer at grands prix with a similar white line, and the practice will continue this year.

Because the practice did not extend to wet tyres, however, some observers and teams remarked that it was difficult to differentiate normal wets from the deeper-grooved ‘extreme’ tyres when they were circulating on the tracks.

The wet tyre marking has therefore been introduced for 2008 “at the request of the teams and in consultation with the FIA”, Bridgestone said.

The tyre supplier says it is happy with the concept of marking its products for formula one because it enables “the media and the public to further understand the strategies employed by various teams and potentially increase their enjoyment of the race”.

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