Bridgestone to review white-circle markings

Thu, 15 March 2007, 07:30

Bridgestone has confirmed that it will apply a thin white circle to the outside wall of its softest tyres at the Albert Park circuit this weekend.

The move is to conform with the FIA’s eleventh-hour rule to make the two specifications on offer visibly distinguishable, but it is not certain that the same white-circle method will be used at every grand prix this year.

“On the softer tyre here we will put on a three centimetres thick white mark,” a technician for the Japanese marque said on Thursday.

With the non-marked specs also featuring the standard white ‘Bridgestone Potenza’ branding on the tyre, however, it has been suggested that the white-circle might not be easily distinguishable either trackside or on TV images.

Bridgestone’s Kees van de Grint said: “We do not know if we will use this marking method for the rest of the season.

“After this weekend we will evaluate the results with input from the teams.”

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