Brunner: “I never stole…”””

Fri, 20 January 2006, 09:05

Gustav Brunner, former Toyota F1 designer that joined Toyota from Minardi and suddenly left (after, according to him, he was told to do so) in December ’05, has reacted to rumours this week that he may be implicated in the ongoing row between Ferrari and the Cologne-based squad over the alleged use of stolen software.

Two former Ferrari employees, as well as former Toyota team boss Ove Andersson, are facing charges of theft after software went missing from the Maranello team. Brunner’s name has cropped up when it came out that he may have used the programmes to design the 2003 and 2004 Toyota F1 cars. The veteran, however, strongly denies the allegations.

“I’ve never copied anything in my life,” he told SportAutoMoto magazine, “I don’t really understand how and why this is all coming out now – and it is something that annoys me greatly. This issue will be cleared.”

There have been reports that, if found guilty, the suspects could face jail time.

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