Button believes Honda will be re-Brawn with Ross

Tue, 4 December 2007, 06:55

Honda Racing’s Jenson Button has hailed the appointment of Ross Brawn and expecting a big improvement in the team’s fortunes next season.

Together with Michael Schumacher, the technical genius is famous for masterminding five driver’s titles and six constructor’s championships in six years with Ferrari before taking a year-long sabbatical last year.

“Everyone knows what Ross has achieved in the past,” said Button. “Before he even opens his mouth, he lifts people because of what he has achieved. He comes with a lot of experience and he falls into a role we have not had for a long time, which is leadership on the technical side.”

Despite Brawn’s appointment, Button stressed the whole team will need to push themselves harder if Honda want to be more competitive.

“Ross will make a difference, but it’s not just down to one man. We can’t just hope Ross can make the big difference, we have to think about other people,” he continued.

“Aerodynamically we have had to work hard, and we’ve employed some good people who have given those who have been at the team a long time some good, fresh ideas.

“I think we’ve made a massive difference – and I’m not talking about the car, I’m talking about the personnel – so the future is looking very exciting for Honda.”

Although Button is expecting a significant improvement on this year’s torrid season, he admitted it will be difficult for Honda to challenge the Ferraris and McLarens.

“Next year is going to be a good year, although I don’t think you can say we’re going to be challenging for the championship because we won’t be strong enough at the first race,” he said.

“Coming from where we were to winning the world championship has never been done before. So we are pushing hard for a good car, and for me the most important thing is to see improvements every race we go to next season.”

Lawrence Barretto.

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