Button better than Lewis with ‘bad car’

Sun, 9 November 2008, 05:58

Nov.9 (GMM) Jenson Button insists he is a better driver than his British countryman Lewis Hamilton — at racing a “bad car”

Hamilton wrapped up the drivers’ title in Brazil one week ago, while Honda’s 28-year-old Button completed the 2008 title eighteenth; the lowest placed contender excluding those at the wheel of Force Indias or Super Aguris

But he is quoted as saying by the British Sunday tabloid The People: “If had Lewis’ car then I’d have been world champion too.”nnButton, whose only grand prix victory dates back to 2006, insists his comments are not sour grapes, but rather a reflection of his recent experiences

“Lewis is a worthy world champion but he wouldn’t have done as well as me in my Honda

“I mean, the guy has never been in a bad car. I think you learn from it and become a better driver trying to work with a bad car,” he said

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