Canada ‘not crucial’ says Schu

Fri, 23 June 2006, 11:44

Michael Schumacher, 23 points behind in the championship race, has denied that F1’s American tour is a ‘crucial’ period for him.

”I am asked the same question at every race,” Ferrari’s German told reporters in Montreal.

37-year-old Schumacher said: ”Just like anywhere else, the winner here takes ten points.

”Of course, this is an important race, but not crucial.

”Even if we are behind there is still time to catch up.”

Schumacher insisted that his current teammate, Felipe Massa, could potentially play a ‘large and crucial’ role in the season’s outcome.

”No question,” Michael continued, apparently urging the Brazilian to up his game, ”but so too could Kimi and some others.”

Youngster Massa, however, recoiled at the suggestion that he is a prospective weapon in Schumacher’s arsenal.

”I think this is a strange question,” he said, ”because primarily Michael has to help himself.

”He has to beat Alonso.

”Every race I do my best because I want to win, so nothing will change.”

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