Car beats driver – Newey

Mon, 9 January 2006, 01:52

Adrian Newey, renowned designer and new Red Bull Racing Technical Chief, believes that the team’s primary focus has to be on its car, rather a superstar driver. There has been much talk as of late about Red Bull trying to sign Michael Schumacher.

“At some stage that (signing a superstar driver) will obviously be our aspiration, but initially we’ll want to continue to work with David and young drivers, be that Tonio Liuzzi, Christian Klien or whoever else, and bring the car forward,” Newey told Autosport magazine.

“Then it becomes much easier to attract one of the top drivers. Until you’re at that point, you can’t really do it. Regardless of salary, a top-five driver would only want to join a team if he thought he had a sensible shot of winning races and hopefully championships.”

Newey’s sentiments are obviously shared by team boss Christian Horner – who has already stated that he would rather have Newey on his team than Shumacher.

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