Car ‘different’ to old Honda – Aguri’s Preston

Fri, 23 February 2007, 01:18

Super Aguri’s technical director has waded into the argument about so-called ‘customer cars’ by insisting that the team’s plans for 2007 are legal.

Along with Toro Rosso, the Japanese squad has been threatened with legal action by their closest rivals Spyker and Williams. Super Aguri this year plans to run a version of Honda’s works 2006 car in the world championship.

But Australian Preston says the most controversial element of the ‘SA07’ car – the monocoque – is “different” to the Honda, albeit similar.

He admitted that the engine, gearbox and other components are the same, but told Sky Sports: “It won’t be the same car (as the 2006 Honda), because you’re not allowed to do that.

“There’s various things that can be the same, and where we have to be different, we’ll do something different,” Preston said.

Super Aguri’s ‘new’ monocoque is being worked on by Honda Japan, after the Honda F1 team transferred the RA106 car’s intellectual property rights to Tochigi.

Preston said: “When you break it down, the only thing that’s controversial really is the monocoque. And that’s the bit we’re working with Honda Japan to do something (different).”


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