Column Marc Limacher: An empire without strategy

Fri, 7 November 2014, 03:37

Bernie Ecclestone, emergency, issued its truth in the face eight representatives of the media. The opportunity to develop the first lines of a new strategy.

Bernie Ecclestone communication has evolved. The crisis is there. The narration of an imaginary reality, without a crisis, no longer exists.

In his speech, Ecclestone says that it wishes to tear the Concorde agreements, repay the turnover by the year 2014, all the debts of the teams and distribute money in 2015 with a fairer distribution. But Ecclestone appoints Top teams as main obstacle to his will. Before blowing: “It cannot continue like this.”

His proposal to redistribute the tops teams toward small teams bonus and redistribute evenly the rest of the cake, is a good idea. But the tops teams which have negotiated their benefits between 2011 and 2012 will not agree. Ferrari will accept you she no longer receive this bonus that it has since 1981?

The rest this situation will be born an endless war which will have the benefit of any permit then. Posing in self defense, Ecclestone in having understood that he had worked to enrich a system that doesn’t deserve it, will permit to violate future agreements. To stop this war that alienates the F1 of its history. With effects later.

Ecclestone speech is that of impotence: it recall the story, its facts to Williams, to have saved teams. Explains “is not helpless, but not happy either”, but also explains that he does not know how to resolve the crisis. The tops teams negotiated their contracts to get the benefits, they will have more in the future. A new conflict will be born and it will likely emerge from a synthesis. A small breakthrough. Ecclestone does not want to be the one to make the sacrifice. The message is launched, but tries to hide an irreversible decline. The empire is dying slowly.

Marc Limacher, BusinessBookGP editor

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