Constructors Championship for Renault

Sun, 16 October 2005, 03:58

Fernando’s seventh win of the season, and fourth place for Fisico, brought Renault F1 Team the 2005 Constructors’ Championship. We are the champions!

This afternoon at the Chinese Grand Prix, the Renault F1 Team won the FIA Formula One World Constructors’ Championship. A dominant team performance saw Fernando Alonso take his seventh win of the season, while Giancarlo Fisichella finished fourth, only missing a podium finish through a questionable penalty from the FIA late in the race. But the day was dominated by joy: the constructors’ championship comes alongside Fernando Alonso’s drivers’ championship to leave Renault as double world champions, an historic first for the French company.

Fernando Alonso, Winner
This is a fantastic feeling. I didn’t think anything could equal winning the drivers’ championship, but seeing our people celebrating, it’s just as good! I am really so happy today, and there is only one word to say to them: thank you. The race was actually very easy. We only used full power on the engine in the first part, and we saw we were quicker than everybody so we turned things down and went conservative for the second part. Honestly, it was like the opening races when we had an advantage and could manage our pace. But today is about the team, they deserve to win, and now we are team and drivers champions. We showed that when we want to push, and take the risks, we can win races.

Giancarlo Fisichella, 4th position
I am so happy for the whole team, because we are now champions of the world. That was our target today, and we did the best possible. I enjoyed the race, because the car balance was fantastic and I could keep the McLarens behind easily in the first stint. I was just managing my pace at the start, driving within the limits to let Fernando build a good lead, and I was still in a strong position when the FIA penalised me. I don’t know why, because Raikkonen did the same in Belgium and nothing happened to him, and it was a shame not to be able to celebrate on the podium with Fernando and Flavio. Overall, this has been a fantastic year for me, my best in F1. I have won a race, scored podiums and helped the team to be world champions. I bounced back strongly after the criticism last weekend, and this is the best fourth place of my life.

Patrick Faure, President
This was a perfect weekend for the team. The race was full of emotion, and we twice had a big advantage wiped out – but even in the third part of the race, we pulled away. Nobody could stay with the Renaults today, and nothing could stop us from winning. This has been a perfect season, and I would like to congratulate the whole team, thank Flavio for his excellent management, and also pay tribute to our partners, who have enabled us to win. This victory is a welcome reward for all their work, and a great moment in Renault’s history.

Flavio Briatore, Managing Director
A great victory for Renault and the whole team. We managed the drivers’ chase well this season, and after that people built up the constructors’ championship as if it was the most important title in this sport. So to come here this weekend and dominate the race shows we have done the job right this year, both with Fernando and as a team. We have shown speed, reliability, and the whole team at Enstone, Viry and in Renault has worked flat out to make this happen. I also want to thank our sponsors, who allow us to go racing, and the Renault group for their fantastic support at every level. All those people are the reasons why we are world champions today. The last word goes to our drivers: Fisico drove brilliantly this afternoon, and after he was criticised in Japan, he put in a splendid performance; Fernando was, as always, superb. I think this a Renault team is a dream team.

Pat Symonds, Executive Director of Engineering
The constructors’ championship means so much to the team, not just here at the circuit but back at Enstone and Viry where people have worked with such dedication throughout the season. This is the recognition of all the work they have done, and we send our congratulations to them. The race itself did not unfold as expected, and in all honesty I wish the safety car periods had not happened, because that would have allowed us to show the true performance we have gained in the past few weeks. To win the championship with a dominant race win is the perfect way to round off an amazing season.

I would also like to thank Michelin for their efforts this year, and congratulate them on their fabulous success. It is a fitting tribute to the vision of Pierre Dupasquier as he retires after this race. There has not been a race this year where the conditions have not suited their tyres, and today was no exception. They have dominated from start to finish.

Press release
Renault F1 Team

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