Coulthard backs Trulli over rear wing safety concerns

Sat, 26 June 2010, 10:01

Jun.26 (GMM) David Coulthard agrees with Jarno Trulli that the ‘proximity rear wings’ due to debut next year are potentially a risk to safety.

Some have criticised the fact that allowing cars to alter the angle of their rear wings whilst chasing rivals next year sounds more like ‘Playstation’ than the pinnacle of motor sport.

Trulli, however, is more worried about safety.

“We have to make sure they’re safe.

“The FIA should design the same rear wing for everybody otherwise, if we start developing new rear wings individually, they will become lighter and in the end one will fail,” said the Italian veteran.

Former driver Coulthard said in Valencia: “I tend to agree.

“A driver should always be able to enter Casino Square in Monte Carlo at 150mph and make any adjustment he needs to in a split second,” he wrote in a column for the Telegraph.

“If you are fiddling with a booster button, or trying to raise or lower your wing, you are not concentrating on the road.”

Coulthard also pointed out that the “60 overtaking moves” in Canada two weeks ago indicates that formula one does not need to spice up the show artificially.

Another former driver, Anthony Davidson, is annoyed that major changes like the adjustable wings are introduced without consultation.

“Only a couple of drivers in the world ever get to drive these cars. To not even ask their opinion is crazy to me,” he told BBC Radio 5.

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