Coulthard critical of Barrichello, Rosberg

Tue, 21 November 2006, 05:08

David Coulthard has attacked F1 rivals Rubens Barrichello and Nico Rosberg for refusing to be nominated as directors for the recent Grand Prix Drivers’ Association election.

With the Scot wanting to step down as chairman after more than a decade in the role, and the retirement of fellow ‘GPDA’ director Michael Schumacher, the safety-oriented body in late September voted in Fernando Alonso, Ralf Schumacher and Mark Webber.

But Coulthard, 35, criticised drivers including Honda’s Barrichello and Williams driver Rosberg for ‘just taking’ from their sport.

“Michael has taken a lot (from F1), but he’s given a lot too,” he told the British monthly F1 Racing. “I’ve taken less, and given less, but I’ve certainly given.”

Coulthard, who races for Red Bull, continued: “There are others who just take. An example is Rubens. I’ve raced against him for years and years, and he’s a nice guy, and talented, but he just turns up, does his race and buggers off.”

Coulthard said he also approached 21-year-old Rosberg about the directorship, but he revealed that the German rookie simply answered: ‘No way!’

Coulthard added: “(The GPDA) is the only route via which they can influence their sport and yet they don’t seem to want to know.

“I just can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to be active in the only forum via which he can increase the likelihood of his going home safe and sound at the end of a day spent caning one of the 22 fastest cars in the world around a race track.

“So when someone like Nico says he isn’t ready, well, that’s bollocks,” Coulthard said.


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