Coulthard hit with engine penalty

Tue, 14 March 2006, 04:02

Last weekend Red Bull driver David Coulthard, finished 10th after a struggling battle with his car which ended in misery after the race, when the Ferrari engine of the Red Bull Number one car failed just after seeing the chequered flag. Unfortunately for Coulthard and the team, the frustration does not end there, as the team is now forced to change their engine for the Malaysian Grand Prix this weekend. In doing so, as teams engines have to last at least two races, Coulthard will now have to face a 10-place grid penalty for the start of the Grand Prix this weekend.

“It’s hard on the small teams,” Coulthard told PA. “The penalty, fair enough everyone understands why, but it’s not the same for all. It is like Chelsea losing a man – being down to 10 men is not as tough for them as it would be for a smaller team. But you can’t do anything. For race two, even if I stick it on pole I am 11th and the chances of being on pole are quite slim.”

Coulthard added, “I think we just accept the first two races are going to be pretty tough and then do a test after Malaysia in Valencia. Hopefully then I will be more comfortable. I honestly feel this is the first time I am getting to know this car.”

Dane Norton

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