Coulthard – I want to stay

Mon, 16 January 2006, 03:16

David Coulthard, who drove like he found new life at Red Bull in ’05, says he is not considering retirement from Formula 1, nor does he want to move teams in ’07.

“I’m stuck on 13 wins, which is a horrible number,” he is quoted as saying in an interview on stage at the Autosport International show in Birmingham.

“Obviously if I hadn’t moved over a couple of times then I would have had more. But I’d like to add a 14th.

“All my victories have been in Adrian’s (Newey) cars and the motivation is to be in a 2007 car which he has played his part in designing. I need to do a good job this year.”

Coulthard joined Red Bull from McLaren at the end of 2004 and will be reunited this season with top designer Newey, who worked with him at both Williams and McLaren.

The Scottish driver, who was advised by many to retire after his ’04 season, made many a critic think twoce with his inspired drives during his first season with ‘Red Bull Racing.

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