Coulthard pokes fun at Webber’s charity event

Tue, 3 July 2007, 11:38

David Coulthard has aimed a gentle jab in the direction of his Red Bull teammate Mark Webber.

Coulthard, the veteran Scot who at Silverstone will contest his 221st grand prix, derided Webber for organising an annual sporting contest for charity.

“I don’t feel the desire to want to promote me,” he is quoted as saying by PA Sport.

Webber, 30, regularly organises the Mark Webber Challenge, where he competes against fellow celebrities on foot, in kayaks and on bikes in Tasmania and gives the proceeds to charity.

But F1’s oldest driver Coulthard said: “It’s not like I do a David Coulthard Charity Challenge, which would be as much an ego massage for myself as it would be raising money for the charity.”

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