Coulthard urges F1 to hold fire on rule changes

Tue, 6 April 2010, 10:01

Apr.6 (GMM) Despite recently slamming F1’s boring new formula, David Coulthard now insists the constant sniping about the sport’s dubious spectacle is “getting a little wearing”.

After the 2010 season opener, the former grand prix driver wrote in his Telegraph column that the processional Bahrain race was the fault of ex-FIA president Max Mosley.

Scot Coulthard hit out at not only the refuelling ban, but also the 18,000rpm rev limit, long-life gearboxes and engines and the single tyre supplier.

But with the weather intervening to spice up the subsequent action in Australia and Malaysia, the 39-year-old has now changed his tune.

“The sport seems to be under permanent review at the moment but let’s just hang on a minute,” said the winner of 13 grands prix, referring to the latest reports about Bernie Ecclestone still wanting to make some rule changes.

After Bahrain, Coulthard backed calls for two mandatory pitstops and tyres that are designed to degrade faster.

But he wrote in his latest newspaper column: “Not every football match is a classic and no one is calling for the beautiful game to be ripped up by its roots.

“I saw enough at searing Sepang on Sunday to suggest that the powers-that-be play it by ear for now,” added Coulthard, admitting that three weeks after boring Bahrain “everything is looking a lot rosier”.

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