DC disappointed with new Barca bend

Wed, 31 January 2007, 12:52

David Coulthard says he is “disappointed” with the revised layout at Spanish grand prix venue Circuit de Catalunya.

After checking out the changes at the Barcelona track last week during the launch of Red Bull’s new ‘RB3’ car, the veteran Scot suggested that officials had missed an opportunity to consult drivers before penning the slower section.

‘Europcar’, the previously quick right hander near the end of the lap, has been tightened, now leading into a slow 90-degree left instead of immediately connecting to the super fast final bend.

35-year-old Coulthard insisted that he supports the improvement of safety but said he is “disappointed” that most drivers didn’t even know the changes were going to happen.

He said: “I don’t know anyone who looks at this and thinks ‘wow, what a really nice solution’.

“I don’t know any driver who knew about the changes.”


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