De la Rosa not looking for 2011 test driver job

Mon, 4 October 2010, 10:01

Oct.4 (GMM) Pedro de la Rosa has indicated he does not want to return to being a full time formula one test driver.

After seven years as McLaren’s test driver, the Spaniard finally returned to the grid in 2010 with Sauber.

But he has been ousted and replaced by Nick Heidfeld, with de la Rosa instead taking over the role as incoming tyre supplier Pirelli’s F1 tester.

He said last week he is “really pleased” to be returning to the test track early this month in Spain, but has now scotched suggestions he is prepared to reprise his days as a full time test driver.

“I hope to have a (race) place in formula one next year,” de la Rosa said in an interview with the Dutch magazine

“If my racing career in formula one is over, I regret that, but it’s not the end of the world,” he insisted.

“One thing is for certain: I will not do another season of testing.

“Even if I only get a place with a team at the back, I would rather that to being a test driver. Even racing in a bad car is better than testing,” said de la Rosa.

It has been suggested that, at 39, the Spaniard might be considering retirement rather than more time on the last rows of the grid.

But he explained: “At the beginning of your career you settle for any car you can get. Then you’re more selective, and at the end of your career you’re happy with any offer.

“For me, there is simply nothing better than racing,” added de la Rosa.

His Sauber successor, Heidfeld, is also not yet signed up for 2011.

The German told Auto Motor und Sport: “Being a reserve driver is hard, because you arrive at a circuit and ask yourself why you’re even then if there’s nothing for you to drive.

“That I could be involved in the development of the car with Mercedes eased the pain somewhat, but just watching is brutal, especially when you’re on site.

“In that situation, being at home is probably better, because at least there are distractions,” said Heidfeld.

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