De la Rosa opposes driver equality in F1

Wed, 30 January 2008, 02:58

Pedro de la Rosa has questioned McLaren’s policy of conferring equal status on its race drivers.

The Woking based team’s primary test driver said that if he was in Ron Dennis’ shoes, he would appoint a clear number one.

“My vision is very different (to Dennis’),” de la Rosa, the 36-year-old Spaniard, told the newspaper El Mundo.

De la Rosa was disappointed to have missed out on the race seat for 2008 that is now occupied by Heikki Kovalainen.

Last year, he was a McLaren ally of countryman Fernando Alonso, who complained about not receiving treatment befitting a double world champion alongside the rookie Lewis Hamilton.

“I got along with him really well,” de la Rosa, referring to Alonso, confirmed in the interview.

De la Rosa explained: “In my view, a formula one team must have a leader and everyone should work for him, as happens in other sports such as cycling.

“That is the modern concept that should govern any team,” he added.

De la Rosa says he “respects” team boss Ron Dennis’ alternate view.

“I experienced it first hand,” he revealed, “when I replaced Montoya (in 2006) and I got everything the same as Raikkonen.”

De la Rosa also said he thinks Renault will return to better form in 2008 now that it has re-secured Alonso’s services.

“They will definitely improve because we all know Fernando and how much he brings,” he said.

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