Dennis admits difficult relationship with Alonso

Sun, 5 August 2007, 01:03

Ron Dennis in Budapest admitted that he is enduring a difficult relationship with double world champion Fernando Alonso.

Spaniard Alonso, whose pole position was later stripped by the stewards, refused to acknowledge his McLaren boss as they met in the weighing area following qualifying on Saturday.

It was the latest in a string of reminders that the pair do not get on.

“We are trying to improve our relationship,” Dennis told the Spanish media in Hungary before the ‘pit-gate’ controversy was sparked.

He admitted that Lewis Hamilton is better integrated with the Woking based team due to his long relationship with McLaren.

“For sure Fernando is right at the beginning of his relationship with the team,” Briton Dennis said.

“Fernando is a remarkable guy and I like him a lot. He is very private, and I respect that. I think he didn’t expect Lewis to be so competitive, but that’s life.

“He is a double world champion, he is doing a great job with us and I hope that with the passing of time he ends up loving the team.”

Dennis admits that their public encounters, such as when Alonso again ignored his team principal after winning at the Nurburgring two weeks ago, are cold.

“Fernando was somewhat preoccupied with the situation with Massa, but it is obvious that our encounter was slightly distant.

“I am aware of the fact that he does not feel as comfortable with me as I would like, but I feel the pressure of two very competitive drivers who want to win.

“It is a difficult task to handle the situation and to create the level of tranquillity in those circumstances.”

Dennis admits that Alonso was particularly annoyed after Monaco, when the McLaren boss openly admitted to holding back Lewis Hamilton rather than simply celebrate Alonso’s dominant win.

Dennis replied: “I am not perfect. The British press jumped on me, attacked me.

“It was difficult. I had to think about what was best for the team. What was put about in the media did affect our relationship. But we are trying to improve that.

“He absolutely deserved to win in Monaco. He drove one of the best races that I have even seen.”

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