Dennis ‘disappointed’ over Alonso equality doubt

Fri, 5 October 2007, 09:05

Ron Dennis on Friday said he is “disappointed” with Fernando Alonso following an answer the Spaniard gave to the media in Shanghai.

Alonso, who fell twelve points behind his McLaren teammate and championship rival Lewis Hamilton in Japan a week ago, told a journalist on Thursday that he would “not answer” a question about whether he expects equal treatment for the final two races of 2007.

Spanish newspapers in particular wondered after the Japanese grand prix if Alonso’s near title-ending crash caused by aquaplaning had been influenced by, specifically, doctored tyre pressures.

The ‘Le Matin’ reporter on Thursday had asked Alonso, who is 26, whether he suspended McLaren would make subtle changes to his car in Shanghai, including to pressures and also things like aerodynamic settings.

After telling the World Motor Sport Council last month that he shares an extremely strained relationship with Alonso, Dennis responded in China: “I’m obviously disappointed that someone who really has all the knowledge should not be more direct and open with the response.”

Dennis insisted that his drivers’ equality is enshrined in “numerous clauses” in their contracts.

He said: “Even in very, very difficult circumstances, we never will, never have and certainly are not favouring either driver at the moment. This is a straight fight.”

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