Dennis slams Briatore over factory jibe

Wed, 4 October 2006, 02:08

McLaren’s Ron Dennis has hit back at Flavio Briatore after the Italian boss of Renault attacked the Woking based team for wasting money on a lavish motor home and factory.

Referring recently to Dennis’ $350m Lord Foster-designed McLaren Technology Centre, which is nicknamed ‘paragon’, Briatore slammed: ”What good did it do his team?

”The bigger the factory, the less efficient it is — you probably need a taxi to go from one department to another.”

59-year-old Dennis’ reply, however, referred to his personal 30 per cent ownership of the McLaren Group, while he pointed out that Briatore is ‘only an employee’ of the French carmaker.

Ron told the Guardian: ”People can say what they like, but his comments are not born out by the facts.

”I am a shareholder in McLaren so my objective is to be successful and deliver enhanced shareholder value.”

Dennis also hit out at those who pedal the lie that McLaren is ‘heavily in debt’, after he recently insisted to journalists that the real figure is about $20m rather than $700m.


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