Donington can still host 2010 British GP – Gillett

Tue, 24 November 2009, 04:31

Nov.24 (GMM) Having failed to raise the necessary funds, with his company in administration and rival circuit Silverstone claiming a deal is nigh, Donington’s Simon Gillett insists he still has a chance of hosting the 2010 British grand prix.

F1 chief executive is giving Silverstone until December 9 to sign a contract before Britain is scratched from the 2010 schedule, but Donington CEO Gillett says his venue is also still in the running.

“As far as I see it there are two tracks competing, so in my mind that makes it 50-50,” he is quoted as saying on Tuesday by the Guardian.

“As Bernie said last week, if someone comes in now and invests in Donington the chance is still there.

“The administrators are working hard and if we had the money we would have the 17-year agreement. There are half a dozen people interested at the moment, from different backgrounds, with different ideas and intentions,” added Gillett.

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