Don’t write off Massa says Montezemolo

Fri, 22 December 2006, 11:52

Luca di Montezemolo has rejected suggestions that Kimi Raikkonen will automatically assume Michael Schumacher’s role as ‘number one’ at Ferrari in 2007.

The Italian marque’s president said Finn Raikkonen’s incumbent teammate, Felipe Massa, should not be written off.

“We will see,” Montezemolo told the daily newspaper La Repubblica.

“I would not so readily underestimate Massa. He won two races while Schumacher was in top form (in 2006), learned a lot from him, and is doing a very good job also in his physical game.”

Still, 59-year-old Montezemolo is confident that Raikkonen and Brazil’s Massa are a winning combination for the first post-Schumacher season.

“We have everything we need, and we will win in 2007,” he insisted.

“We have the means, the money and the motivation.”


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