Doornbos tests RB2 at Silverstone

Tue, 7 February 2006, 09:55

How do you know when you are a team’s test driver? When you have to turn up at Silverstone in February. The “Home of British Motor Racing” lived up to its reputation for having a unique microclimate, with freezing cold temperatures as Robert Doornbos continued development work on the RB2.

But every cloud has a silver lining and partly because of the cold and partly because of revisions to the current car, our Dutchman was able to put together some long runs, something that had not been possible to date, because of cooling problems. Today’s testing centred on these modifications as well as some other aerodynamic elements. “Apart from that, we continued work with an on-going brake development programme and some general set-up work, as Robert has not yet had much time in the car,” said Chief Test Engineer, Ian Morgan. “We also put in some useful pit-stop practice at the end of the day.”

Christian Klien takes over in the cockpit tomorrow, for the final day of this test.

Testsession Silverstone day 1
01. R. Doornbos – Red Bull Racing – 1:25.600

Red Bull Racing

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