Driver error caused Kovalainen crash

Wed, 28 February 2007, 02:19

Driver error almost certainly caused Heikki Kovalainen’s huge shunt at Bahrain on Tuesday morning, we have learned.

An eyewitness report from turn-7 at the Sakhir circuit said the Finn’s Renault spun out of control on its twentieth lap of the over the kerbs under power.

The R27’s destroyed right hand side meant that Kovalainen, 25, did not return to action on Tuesday, and it emerges that the repairs might not be completed until lunchtime or even later when the test resumes on Wednesday.

It is even possible that he will sit out Wednesday altogether, leading Kovalainen to describe the delay as “frustrating”.

He added: “But the focus now is on working with the team to get the car ready as soon as possible. Once it is, I will be 100% concentrated on completing the rest of our work.”


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