Drivers happier with test safety – Trulli

Sat, 13 January 2007, 11:57

F1 drivers are now happier with the safety standards at test circuits, former GPDA Jarno Trulli said at the edge of Toyota’s official 2007 launch on Friday.

The F1 drivers’ body, represented now by Fernando Alonso, Ralf Schumacher and Mark Webber, has been campaigning hard during the last six months to bring test facilities up to the high standards required at GPs.

Threats of circuit boycotts had even been made.

But, heralding the progress made at Jerez, funded in part by the team bosses, Italian Trulli cautioned: “There are still some tracks that have to make a little effort in order to be safer, but this I think is a great achievement by the GPDA, the teams and FIA.

“The situation (before) was really, really bad. It really was a disaster.”


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