Drivers side against Mosley’s F1 politics

Thu, 7 May 2009, 08:00

May 7 (GMM) F1 drivers on Thursday sided strongly against Max Mosley, after the FIA president suggested the sport could live without Ferrari

The powerful teams, using their commitment to F1 as their weapons, are locked in a fierce political battle with the governing body over the controversial budget cap plans

“Without Ferrari it’s not formula one anymore,” said Giancarlo Fisichella at the Circuit de Catalunya

Double world champion Fernando Alonso agreed that contemplating F1 without the famous Italian team is “impossible”, while 2008 title winner Lewis Hamilton said he “couldn’t imagine it”

“It was a bit strange hearing that from him,” said BMW’s Nick Heidfeld, “because I thought people were looking and listening to fans worldwide. And Ferrari obviously is the biggest name in F1 with the main supporters.”nnElsewhere in the paddock, Ferrari’s Felipe Massa said he didn’t want to put himself “in the middle” of the debate but admitted a distaste for the current state of F1 politics

“It would be nice to have a better sport, you know,” the Brazilian said. “Less political and more sport is all I can say.”nnRubens Barrichello, who drove for the Maranello squad for six years, said reacting to Mosley’s comments was too “polemic”

Mark Webber, however, went to the heart of the matter, rejecting Mosley’s plans for the voluntary cap

“To have two different regulations, for me as a driver, that’s not attractive at all,” said the Red Bull driver. “I want the guy at the other end of the tennis court to have the same raquet as me, basically.”n

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