‘Each point counts’ – Schu

Mon, 7 August 2006, 03:02

Renault on Monday contradicted Fernando Alonso’s explanation for his retirement from the Hungarian grand prix in Budapest.

TV footage showed a wheel nut departing his ‘R26’ before it speared into the tyre barrier, and Pat Symonds confirmed that this – and not a broken driveshaft – put the Spaniard out of the race.

”The reassuring fact is that this is a simple problem to fix, and doesn’t put the exceptional reliability of the R26 in any doubt,” the engineering director said.

Renault also reacted with nonchalance to Michael Schumacher’s belated point due to the disqualification of Robert Kubica, and the governing body also rejected conspiracy theories that the events in Budapest showed bias towards Ferrari.

”The stewards have repeatedly demonstrated their independence throughout the season,” said an FIA spokesman.

Schumacher, though, expressed positive surprise with the late point, which further closed the gap to Alonso.

”Each point counts,” the German told his website, ”so naturally it was nice to find out.

”I will say it only once — the championship is still open.” gmmf1dailyf1news.com

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