Ecclestone daughter bags F1 paddock job

Thu, 19 June 2008, 01:18

F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone’s 24-year-old daughter is now a regular in the grand prix paddocks of the world.

She is working for Italian broadcaster Sky, as a paddock reporter on the prowl for “interesting tales to tell”, according to the British newspaper Daily Telegraph.

Ecclestone is English, and the daughter of Croation-born former model Slavica Ecclestone, but she presents in Italian.

Tamara, who said she is determined not to be portrayed as a pointless socialite like Paris Hilton, also speaks Croatian and French.

“I want a career. A proper one. I want to show people that I actually do something and that I’m good at it.

“I want there to be more to my life than being famous for getting out of a car with no knickers on,” she added.

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