Ecclestone happy after visit to India F1 site

Thu, 21 October 2010, 08:31

Oct.21 (GMM) Before arriving in Korea, Bernie Ecclestone visited the site of next year’s inaugural Indian grand prix.

According to local reports, the F1 chief executive gave the facility 40 kilometres from Delhi a thumbs-up, despite the recent international criticism of the Indian capital’s hosting of the Commonwealth Games.

“Very, very happy,” he told journalists. “Much better than I thought.

“I have no fears about the circuit. After the Commonwealth Games, silly people said ‘be careful’ but I’m so happy about the progress of work.

“It is going to be much better than many tracks,” added the 79-year-old.

Ecclestone countered reports that the airport will struggle with F1-levels of flow, or that the local infrastructure will not cope with the traffic.

“The only thing left is more hotels coming up in surrounding areas,” he insisted.

The Briton blamed the media for the negative hype about Delhi’s hosting of the Commonwealth Games, and pointed out that “different people” are organising the F1 event.

“I will come back if necessary but I don’t think it will be necessary before (the 2011 race in) October. These people are quite capable, and I don’t see any problem,” said Ecclestone.

Ecclestone arrived at Korea’s new F1 circuit on Thursday.

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