Ecclestone keen to save Chinese GP

Sun, 16 November 2008, 11:56

Nov.15 (GMM) Bernie Ecclestone seems keen that China retains its grand prix beyond the looming expiry of its contract

An official of the loss-making event had said an “assessment” is taking place as to whether Shanghai will continue hosting formula one in 2011

But Ecclestone, F1’s chief executive, said Chinese officials have requested a contract extension be sent

“We have a contract until 2010 with an option for five years after that,” the 78-year-old told the Financial Times

“We will talk to them about it, and meet up and see how we can help them,” he added

Ecclestone clarified that Qiu Weichang, who made the comments about the dubious future of the Chinese grand prix, works for the race promoter, rather than for the actual decision-making government

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