Ecclestone makes concessions but no British GP deal yet

Wed, 4 November 2009, 08:01

Nov.4 (GMM) Despite the stream of Silverstone officials through the Abu Dhabi paddock turnstiles last weekend, a deal for a 2010 British grand prix was not concluded.

But Damon Hill, who like circuit managing director Richard Phillips and the track’s chief negotiator was present on Yas Island, suggests that the talks did bear some fruit.

“There was a lot of excitement when the opportunity came back and Bernie said he was prepared to discuss the situation,” the 1996 world champion, who is president of the Silverstone owning British Racing Drivers’ Club, told PA Sport.

“We did go over to Abu Dhabi to try and get a deal done, but the distraction of the weekend meant it was not the right time,” Hill added.

“So we’ll let the dust settle and see what happens over the next week or so.”

To the Guardian newspaper, 79-year-old F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone revealed that he has made some concessions to Silverstone in the past days.

“Maybe I’ve backed off on a few little things that perhaps I shouldn’t have done to give them a helping hand, but that’s it,” said the Briton.

“The contract is there. If they want to sign it, that’s fine. If not, then it’s up to them,” Ecclestone added.

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