Ecclestone still prefers ‘medals’ scoring concept

Mon, 12 October 2009, 10:01

Oct.12 (GMM) Bernie Ecclestone disputes claims that the outcome of the 2009 world championship proves that his ‘medals’ scoring system proposal was a bad idea.

It is true that, had the F1 chief executive’s plan become a reality and the number of race wins crowned the drivers’ title winner, Jenson Button would already be in possession of this year’s championship.

Instead, the Brawn driver has a comfortable points lead, but is struggling to put a lid on his 2009 campaign with a recent string of modest performances.

Asked about the overly mathematical end to the title race, 78-year-old Ecclestone told Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport: “You know that I do not like the current points system.”

Told that Button would already be the champion if his medals system was in place, the Briton answered: “With my system, he would not have won all those races at the start.

“Brawn benefited from their superiority in the first half of the season,” Ecclestone explained. “But if you had to win races to become world champion, the other teams might have woken up earlier.

“With my way or the current system, Button is world champion. But with my way, the guy in second place would never say he is going to stay there because the difference is only two points.”

The current points system will remain in place in 2010.

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