Embattled Renault make changes for Hungary

Wed, 2 August 2006, 09:33

Pat Symonds has admitted that the ‘mass damper’ saga did contribute to Renault’s worst performance of the season last week in Germany.

The title leading team, rapidly being caught by championship protagonists Ferrari and Michael Schumacher, have implemented a raft of hurried changes as the sport makes a three-day dash to Budapest.

After urgently seeking a new ruling from the FIA, Renault has obtained a letter from Charlie Whiting which basically allows Renault to re-fit the controversial nose-device in Hungary without fear of penalty.

Referring also to Michelin tyre blistering, the engineering director admitted: ”It goes without saying that removing the mass damper degraded our performance.”

In addition, it is understood that Renault has requested a new tyre from Michelin for the Hungarian race, which coincides with a rumour that the French supplier overlooked the advice of Fernando Alonso at a recent tyre test.

It is also worth mentioning that, with rival Bridgestone performing so well in the heat, uncharacteristically cool and wet weather is forecast for Hungary this weekend.

Moreover, a brand new rear suspension kit that was used at Hockenheim has been pulled from the R26. Symonds confirmed that the ‘previous specification’ will almost certainly be used throughout this weekend.

The Hockenheim aero package, however, stays, with Briton Symonds insisting that Renault has ‘not made any knee-jerk reactions’.gmmf1 dailyf1news.com

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