Epsilon Euskadi begins testing F1 car in wind tunnel

Thu, 5 August 2010, 10:31

Aug.5 (GMM) Hopeful Spanish outfit Epsilon Euskadi has begun wind tunnel testing a scale model of its 2011 formula one car.

The Azkoitia based team, involved in single seater categories as well as Le Mans with a prototype car, has applied to fill the 13th F1 team entry for next year.

It is believed the FIA has already turned down some 2011 applicants, while the GP2 team ART and American group Cypher have pulled out of the running due to lack of funding.

It emerged this week that the governing body will interview the remaining contenders – probably Villeneuve/Durango and Stefan GP – in Paris next Friday.

It would also appear that Epsilon Euskadi, headed by former F1 team members Joan Villadelprat and engineer Sergio Rinland, is still in the running.

Rinland told the Argentine publication Corsa: “Last week we put the model in the wind tunnel for the first time.

“It went alright. The design is well advanced,” added the former Williams, Brabham, Forti, Benetton, Sauber and Arrows engineer.

Rinland said Epsilon Euskadi has not even begun to think about a driver lineup.

“We have absolutely no thoughts (on drivers),” he said, albeit admitting that it would be “fantastic” if his Argentine countryman Esteban Guerrieri won the seat.

“But as I said, the issue of drivers is not being contemplated at this time,” added Rinland.

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