Ex-manager gives up hope of seeing Schumacher again

Fri, 15 December 2023, 07:00

Dec.15 (GMM) Michael Schumacher’s former manager says he has given up hope of ever seeing the F1 legend again.

Willi Weber has said for years that when Schumacher suffered his brain injuries in a skiing fall almost exactly a decade ago, the seven time world champion’s new management and wife locked him out.

Weber, 81, has now told the Kolner Express newspaper that he regrets not immediately trying to visit Schumacher in hospital when the incident first happened.

“Of course I regret that very much and blame myself,” he said. “I should have visited Michael in the hospital.

“I grieved like a dog after his accident. It hit me incredibly hard,” Weber added. “But at some point the time came when I had to free myself from Michael and let go.

“When I think about Michael now, unfortunately I no longer have any hope of seeing him again. No positive news after ten years.”

Weber is convinced that the conspicuous absence of Schumacher at the side of his son Mick contributed to the 24-year-old Mercedes reserve driver’s current struggle to keep his own F1 career alive.

“I think Michael was keen to get the boy into Formula 1 and manage him the way I used to manage him,” he said. “If he had been at Mick’s side, this Haas team boss wouldn’t have played such a bad role with him and Mick would have had a second chance somewhere else.”

Mick will return to racing next year, but only at the wheel of an Alpine prototype at Le Mans and the world endurance championship. Michael also drove in the equivalent category prior to making his meteoric leap into F1.

“The boy has to adapt like his father did back then,” Weber says. “But it’s not a formula car. You can’t throw it into the corner like a Formula 3, which Michael drove with precision like a Swiss watch.

“The car didn’t fit him as a whole, which is why Michael wasn’t the fastest in a sports car. But he learned a lot there for the future. I wish that for Mick too.”

Weber admits he has also gone through his own medical crises in recent years, including back surgery.

“Yes, and a slight stroke,” he reveals. “But my legs are the worst – they are constantly inflamed.”

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