Exclusive : Q&A Mark Webber

Mon, 19 March 2007, 09:57

Mark Webber had just enough time to answer some of our questions just ahead of the Australian GP.

What is your take on the reliability part of the RB3?
We are a little bit late technically and inevitably that puts a strain on the package, consistensy wise and reliability wise. We need to improve that over the course of the next few weeks.

Your secret weapon has always been the qualifying, is the car good enough for a one-lap blistering lap-time?
Yes, the car is good enough. For qualifying I didn’t think I’d be seventh in Australia, so it’s great.

Does the car/tyre combination suit David (Coulthard) better than you?
I think we are both similar, we are both learning the new tyres and I do not think that either of us has a particular advantage.

You have been a bit uncomfortable in the car, has the new seat solved the problem or there is still some ‘getting used-to’ needed?
We are a lot better and we will improve it again in the next few weeks.

It is a bit early in the season, but are you having doubts about moving from Williams to Red Bull?
I never look back, I always look forward. I’m ready to take this challenge forward.

How far up do you see the team climbing by mid-season?
Up to the middle of the field.

Which teams do you expect to battle with? And do you expect any competition from Toro Rosso?
There is a big mid field: Honda,Toyota, Williams …and then Toro Rosso, sometimes they might give us a hard time.

Realistic prediction on your position in the first and the last race of the season?
I am aiming for 8th today in Oz and 6th in the last race of the season.

Do you feel your future lies in the Red Bull family or are you still looking out for better options?
No I’m not looking for better options. I’m very settled within the Red Bull family and I’m definitly not thinking about other teams – it is Red Bull.

Special thanks to Britta Roeske

Ketan Paul

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