F1 adopted ‘let drivers race’ policy – Masi

Mon, 16 December 2019, 07:35

Dec.16 (GMM) Race director Michael Masi has reminded the F1 world that the FIA has relaxed its approach to penalising drivers.

At the end of the first season without Charlie Whiting, who died in Melbourne, his replacement Masi responded to critics who think stewards’ decisions have been inconsistent in 2019.

“People sometimes forget that we all talked together at the second race of the season in Bahrain about what it means to let the drivers race,” he said.

“Everyone was involved – the FIA, Formula 1, team bosses, drivers,” Masi added.

And the Australian says there will be further progress in this area over the winter.

“It is a process,” said Masi. “We will have further discussions over the winter and speak to the teams at the pre-season tests.”

Another review will be done on the effectiveness of F1’s approach to the overtaking aid DRS, Masi revealed.

“We will check where the effect was too big, where it was too small, when overtaking was too easy, when it was too difficult,” he said.

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