F1 cars net $6m at Ferrari auction

Tue, 22 May 2007, 06:44

The sale of four modern formula one Ferraris contributed a further $6m to the Italian team’s budget at the weekend.

The famous marque held a Sotheby’s auction at its Maranello headquarters on Sunday, where the more expensive of the red race cars – the last single seater raced by Michael Schumacher in 2006, a 248 F1 – attracted a high bid of just under $2.3m.

Schumacher’s 2003 machine went for a little more than $2.0m, a 1997 Ferrari sold for a million, and a single seater from 1983 went for more than $560,000.

In total, the auction netted about $50m for Ferrari.

The auction made history by producing the highest ever price for a single Ferrari car. The Le Mans-winning 1962 330 TRI/FM Testa Rosa Spyder was won by an anonymous telephone bidder for an incredible $9.28m — just shy of the most expensive road car ever, a 1931 Bugatti Typie 41 Royal Sports Coupe that was sold in 1987 for $11m.

Among the other lots were a 2005 steering wheel ($85,000), a 2004 V10 engine ($62,000), an autographed Schumacher helmet ($30,000), a Schumacher racing suit ($28,000), two GP trophies ($14,000), a 2004 engine cover ($12,500) and a 2006 front wing ($6,500).

A racing suit worn by Kimi Raikkonen this season fetched $8,500, meanwhile, and even a set of Massa’s under-clothes sold for $775.

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