F1 Ferrari to drive on Melbourne street

Tue, 6 February 2007, 01:08

A formula one Ferrari will drive down Melbourne’s Lygon Street two weeks before the 2007 season opener.

It was announced on Tuesday that the ‘Grand Prix Ferrari Festival’ will take place on 3 March; a joint celebration of Ferrari’s sixtieth birthday and the twelfth annual race at Albert Park.

Melbourne’s Lygon Street houses many Italian restaurants and was the scene of wild celebration when Italy won the 2006 soccer World Cup.

From the launch of the event, however, it emerged that the Ferrari will actually be limited to just 60kph, as government minister Tim Holding vowed to maintain a “very, very tough stance” on hooligan drivers.

The local speed limit is 50kph.

“We remind all drivers that, under normal conditions, there is no such thing as safe speeding,” said the Australian Grand Prix Corporation’s Tim Bamford.


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