F1 marques Mercedes, Renault, to collaborate off track

Thu, 8 April 2010, 04:01

Apr.8 (GMM) They remain competitors at the grand prix circuits, but the carmakers Renault and Daimler (Mercedes) have signed an agreement to cooperate off the track.

Also involving Nissan, the strategic cooperation deal could involve cooperation on Mercedes’ A-Class road car, international reporters were told on Wednesday.

The marques will also collaborate on mini cars, engines and vans, mainly within Europe.

Chief executive Carlos Ghosn suggested that Renault will also seek to tie-up with other carmakers.

Dieter Zetsche, meanwhile, said Renault will take a 1.55 per cent stake in Daimler, with the German marque taking 3.1 per cent of Renault and Nissan respectively.

But a Renault spokesman said the “clear distinctiveness of the individual respective brand and product identities” will remain.

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