F1 needs ‘fresh’ supremo – Briatore

Thu, 28 September 2006, 04:32

The future successor to formula one supremo Bernie Ecclestone should be a non-motor sport manager, according to Flavio Briatore.

The Italian chief of Renault, who has been touted as an ideal candidate for the role, told the Guardian newspaper in Britain that the sport needs someone with a ‘fresh’ outlook.

”I don’t think Bernie has any plans to retire,” 57-year-old Briatore said, ”but when he does I think we need people to look not at engineering, or technology, but at the business and the TV show.”

Briatore is a staunch advocate of giving more to formula one fans and spectators, and in the interview accused some of his paddock counterparts of ‘navel gazing’.

He also urged Ecclestone to think simply; such as providing teams with more passes so as to get more ‘babes’ in the pits.

Briatore said: ”It raises an important point. Formula one is about the show, the glamour — not just greasy mechanics and gearboxes.”


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