F1 needs new points system – Montezemolo

Wed, 5 November 2008, 11:59

Nov.5 (GMM) Luca di Montezemolo has told an Italian newspaper that F1 needs a new scoring system

When asked what his first rules change would be if he was in charge of formula one, the Ferrari president told La Stampa: “Instantly, the points score for the (race) winner

“Massa won 6 races (in 2008), Hamilton 5, but the Englishman is the champion,” Montezemolo remarked, despite earlier saying in an official statement that Hamilton’s drivers’ title was “well deserved”

It is true that, under the pre-2003 points scoring system, Ferrari’s Felipe Massa would have won the 2008 world championship by two points

In 2002 and before, grand prix winners received 10 points compared with 6 points for second. Today, the winner’s margin is just 2 points

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