F1 should keep European ‘backbone’ – Webber

Sun, 1 April 2007, 02:49

Mark Webber did a lap of Singapore’s proposed grand prix street layout on Saturday but warned that the “backbone” of the sport should remain in Europe.

After a low-speed morning run in a Porsche road car, the Red Bull driver said the circuit “looks exiting” but also apparently expressed concern at the recent news that traditional venue France could be struck off the 2008 calendar.

Imola and Hockenheim, meanwhile, are missing from the schedule this year.

“My opinion is that we still need to keep the backbone of where the sport was born, which is over there (in Europe),” the 30-year-old Australian was quoted as saying by the Evening Echo.

Webber added: “We need to keep a lot of that (traditional) feeling for it although we also have to be absolutely open to fresh ideas.”

He expressed hope, however, that some of the defunct European events might bounce back in the future.

Referring to the dwindling European races in favour of the expanding markets in Asia and the East, Webber said: “That’s just the way it goes.

“(But) I think we will see some venues pop out and the odd one will come back.”

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