F1 team Red Bull is British, not Austrian

Fri, 2 June 2006, 09:25

F1 team Red Bull is not yet competing under an Austrian race license.

This week, Toyota and, more significantly, McLaren, were excluded from the FIA’s new rule-making F1 Commission for 2008 because of a one team-vote per nationality rule.

Max Mosley’s governing body confirmed in a statement that Williams, not McLaren, had won the British vote, but that Milton-Keynes based Red Bull qualified because it is the only Austrian entrant.

However, it is now revealed that Red Bull, formerly Jaguar and Stewart, officially operate with a British license, and has merely applied for a new license under the Austrian motoring authority.

”At the moment we race as an English team,” Red Bull’s Salzburg-based Dietrich Mateschitz told the ‘Kleinen Zeitung’ newspaper, ”but we applied (for an Austrian license) some time ago.”

He explained: ”Very soon we will be an Austrian team, because we want our ‘Bundeshymne’ (national anthem) to play if we dailyf1news.com

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