F1 ‘will die’ without new blood – Mosley

Mon, 1 June 2009, 12:00

Jun.1 (GMM) Max Mosley supports the influx of prospective new names to the formula one entry list

The FIA president is fighting the majority of the sport’s current teams over next year’s budget cap rules, which have triggered multiple small entries filing entry paperwork for the 2010 world championship

In a recent media document, Ferrari mocked the names of the prospective entrants, sardonically suggesting a renaming of the sport to ‘Formula GP3’ would be appropriate

But while Mosley hopes the more established brands continue next year, he also insists attracting new blood is the right move for the sport

“No sport is healthy without new people coming in,” he said in an interview with the Deutsche Presse Agentur

“Ferrari forget that the current BMW team started as Sauber, the current Williams team started with Williams buying a March. Tyrrell started a little team at the end of the sixties that was Honda and is now Brawn

“Even Enzo Ferrari himself came along in 1948 and started from nothing,” said the 69-year-old, who was one of the founding members of March, and after leaving the team in 1977 began his ascent to power alongside Bernie Ecclestone

Mosley said: “If you stopped those new entrepreneurs coming in formula one will die. You can’t have just a lot of old men running it.”n

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