Fast F2008 to go radical before Aus GP

Mon, 11 February 2008, 02:41

As Ferrari, and particularly Kimi Raikkonen, already display an apparently obvious level of dominance, the Italian team’s 2008 car could be set for some radical treatment as the final test days before Melbourne draw near.

It is reported in the Italian magazine Autosprint that, before the F2008’s Australian grand prix specification is finalised, an unique solution at the front of the red single seater will be tested in Spain.

Reportedly, the innovation is an opening in the upper front of the car’s nose; where the Bridgestone ‘B’ logo is currently located.

“Well, it’s an interesting idea,” Red Bull technical director Geoff Willis commented.

“Its function is probably to use the central part of the front wing in a better way.”

At the Barcelona circuit next week, Ferrari will also test with new wings, bargeboards and engine cover, despite team manager Luca Baldisserri declaring that he is already “very satisfied” with the F2008’s winter showing.

Alongside only Toyota, the team resumed testing in Bahrain for another three days on Saturday.

Ferrari spokesman Luca Colajanni played down the reliability faults that plagued Felipe Massa on Saturday, and both runners on Sunday.

“It’s these little glitches you find during testing that are very important. If you have a similar problem in the race and don’t know how to fix it, you’re out.

“It’s crucial that you be very careful and find them now,” he told Gulf Daily News.

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