Fernando Alonso: A Fantastic Result

Mon, 8 May 2006, 02:45

The Spaniard was satisfied with the result today – and is already thinking about the next race in Barcelona.

Fernando, how did your race go?
It was a pretty interesting afternoon today. I controlled the pace at the start of the race, and the first stop went well because I kept my position. Michael was right behind me though and very fast in the second stint. We stopped earlier than them, and he made the most of it to get ahead. But second place is a fantastic result for me this afternoon. We had to admit Ferrari were quicker than us today, and I knew Michael would get past at some point. I wouldn’t have kept the lead for 60 laps. What’s more, our tyres were not working perfectly this weekend. But I am not worried, because we will win more races this year!

Schumacher was very close in the first two stints. Was it hard to keep him behind?
No, it wasn’t too much pressure. It is hard to follow a car very closely so the gap couldn’t come down below half a second or so. Michael couldn’t pass and I was controlling the revs and tyres. I only really pushed when I needed to before the stops.

Was it impossible to catch him after the second stop?
I tried hard for the first few laps, but we saw it wasn’t working. We were doing the same times, so we decided to look after the engine because I have to use it in the next race, and settle for second.

The next race is only a week away – and it’s in Spain. Is it a special one for you?
Barcelona will be a very important test. We tested there recently and we were competitive. What’s more, Michelin has dominated there in recent years. I am really hoping to win the next race!

Miguel Coelho

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